Prophet of God for our Time

On the 25th of 25th 1984, Saint John Paul II beatified Elisabeth of the Trinity. Thirty years ago, Saint John Paul II beatified Elisabeth of the Trinity:

Living with God

Elisabeth à 16 ansA contemporary of St Therese of the Child Jesus, Elisabeth of the Trinity experienced the presence of God within her, which deepened and greatly matured in just a few years in Carmel. She was a woman of many natural gifts: she was smart and sensitive, appreciated by her friends, very affectionate with her relatives and, she was an accomplished pianist. And it is exactly here in her full life, where she thrives in the silence of contemplation and radiates the happiness of wholly forgetting herself. Without keeping anything for herself, she welcomes the Gift of God, the grace of Baptism and Reconciliation. Elisabeth experiences the Eucharistic presence of God in a marvelous way and understands profoundly the communion offered by the Lord to all creatures.

Today, we dare to introduce this young cloistered nun who led “a hidden life in God with Jesus-Christ” to the World because she is a witness, radiant with the joy of being rooted and grounded in love. She celebrates the splendor of God because she knows that she is inhabited by the presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in whom she acknowledges the reality of love that is infinitely alive.

Elisabeth went through moral and physical sufferings. United to Christ Crucified, she gave herself wholly to complete the passion of the Lord in her body, always knowing she was loved and able to love. She gave her wounded life in peace.

Bannière de la béatification à Rome Elisabeth is a response for disoriented mankind who doesn’t know where to find the Lord, or who has a false image of God, and who searches for a word on which to found its hope. Elisabeth gives the testimony of a perfect open-mindedness to the Word of God. She has so made It her own that It nourishes her reflection and her prayer from whence she finds every reason to live in It, and to consecrate herself to the praise of His glory.


The Faith to God who is all Love

Bannière de la béatification à RomeElisabeth, this contemplative nun, shared the richness of her mystical experience with her sisters, her relatives and friends. Today, her message spreads with a prophetic strength. We pray to her: Disciple of Teresa of Jesus and John of the Cross, may she inspire and support the Carmelite family. May she help many men and women in their lay or consecrated life, to receive and share the “floods of infinite charity” collected at the “Fountain of Life”.

It is amazing to see Elisabeth as a young woman involved in a full secular life just like many of her friends, having such a strong experience of the presence of God and the greatness of His Love in her. In Carmel, she gave her life up completely (to difficult trials) while radiating around her, the happiness of being loved by God and of being inhabited by the Three Divine Persons whom she familiarly called “my Three”. Elisabeth is an amazing witness of the grace of Baptism that blooms in her who fully welcomes it, and she helps us find ways to pray and to give ourselves.


Fleur de gasania

"To be rooted and grounded in love: such, it seems to me, is the condition for worthily fulfilling its work as praise of glory. The soul that penetrates and dwells in these “depths of God” of which the royal prophets sings, and thus does everything “in Him, with Him, by Him and for Him” with that limpid gaze which gives it a certain resemblance to the simple Being, this soul, by each of its movements, its aspirations, as well as by each of its acts, however ordinary they may be, “is rooted” more deeply in Him whom it loves. Everything within it pays homage to the thrice-holy God: it is so to speak a perpetual Sanctus, an unceasing praise of glory!"
Last Retreat

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1880 July 18 : Birth in Camp Avord near Bourges

1882 November : The family moves to Dijon

1883 February 20 : Birth of her sister Marguerite

1887 October 2 : Death of her father

1891 April 19 : First Communion at St. Michael’s Church in Dijon

1894 Summer : Hears her soul’s interior call to Carmel

1899 March : Went on a parish mission retreat in Dijon

1901 August 2 : Entrance into the carmel of Dijon
December 8 : Clothing Day

1903 January 11 : Religious profession

1904 November 21 : Composition of the well-know prayer “O my God, Trinity whom I adore”

1905 February : First symptoms of Addison’s disease

1906 November 9 : Dies at 26 years of age

1984 November 25 : Beatification by Pope Saint John Paul II

2016 October 16 : Canonization by Pope Francis in Rome